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While it resonates with anyone seeking these profound experiences, it particularly caters to individuals who are Social Change Advocates, Executives, Educators, Organizations, First Responders, and Healing and Wellness Practitioners. 

If you’re ready to embark on this transformative journey, I invite you to join me. Let’s take the first step towards a life filled with deeper meaning and fulfillment. 


Spiritual Check-In Calls:

Stay focused and motivated on your path with personalized Spiritual Check-In Calls. These sessions provide valuable insight into various aspects of your life, including relationships, money, career, and guidance from your ancestors. Gain clarity and guidance to keep you aligned with your purpose. The session is recorded for your convenience, allowing you to revisit the insights whenever needed.

Tarot Reading for Relationships and Money/Career:

Receive a comprehensive reading that delves into the energetic dynamics surrounding your relationships and money/career. This in-depth analysis provides valuable insights and guidance, helping you navigate these areas of your life with clarity and confidence. You can also ask specific questions about any topic that is important to you, receiving personalized guidance and support. The session can be conducted in person or via Zoom.

Spiritual Modalities & Practices Classes:

Immerse yourself in the transformative power of spiritual modalities and practices through our comprehensive classes. These sessions offer a deep dive into working with candles, spiritual baths, and harnessing the energy of the moon. Learn practical techniques and rituals that empower you to create positive shifts in your life. Classes are available both in person and via Zoom, ensuring accessibility and convenience.

Energy Healing Sessions:

Clear mental, emotional, and spiritual clutter with an Energy Healing Session. These sessions are conducted via Zoom, allowing you to experience the powerful healing effects from the comfort of your own space. Through energy work, blockages and stagnant energy are released, promoting balance, vitality, and inner harmony. Experience the transformative power of energy healing as you realign with your true essence.

Mid-Week Satsang:

Join our inclusive and supportive gathering space for Mid-Week Satsang. Explore spirituality, tarot, and other enlightening topics in a warm and inviting environment. Connect with like-minded individuals and deepen your spiritual journey through shared experiences, discussions, and insights. These sessions provide a nurturing space to expand your knowledge, foster connections, and enhance your spiritual growth.

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