Empowering Organizations for Racial Equity and Healing

Shaking The Table

In today’s challenging landscape, where institutional racism, high-profile cases of violence against Black and Brown people, and the ripple effect of  COVID-19 social justice organizations face unprecedented challenges. The impact of these issues is felt deeply by staff of color, who experience re-traumatization due to the significant number of COVID-19 deaths and continued state violence. Allies, on the other hand, express their uncertainty about how to effectively support and advocate. Both groups report feeling overworked, stressed, and frustrated with the status quo within their organizations.

Amidst these challenges lies a unique opportunity to embody the change we have tirelessly fought for. At Shaking The Table, our primary goal is to assist organizations in addressing racial inequity, vicarious trauma, and burnout head-on.

This comprehensive program is designed specifically for:

  1. Anti-Violence Programs
  2. Social Justice Organizations
  3. Colleges and Universities

Through our Race & Gender Equity Trainings, advocates and leaders gain a deep understanding of how institutional racism negatively impacts all staff members and further marginalizes survivors of color. These trainings provide valuable insights and frameworks for dismantling systemic barriers and fostering inclusivity.

Additionally, our Primary Prevention Training helps connect the dots between the root causes of gender-based violence and institutional racism and sexism. By exploring the intersections of these issues, organizations gain a comprehensive understanding of the complexities at play and can develop proactive strategies for prevention.

With our carefully curated curriculum, Shaking The Table offers a transformative journey towards racial equity, healing, and social justice. Our program empowers organizations to challenge the status quo, build inclusive spaces, and foster environments that prioritize the well-being and empowerment of all individuals.

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