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Tit2ba Productions develops and produces movies, plays, and books that invite women, men, and gender non-conforming audiences across the country to explore social issues, healing, and spirituality. The Company is currently working on 3 projects:

Thank You For Your Service Through Jake’s compelling narration, the audience gains valuable insight into the far-reaching effects of societal changes, economic shifts, and the transformation of neighborhoods. As a veteran who has witnessed the enduring consequences of war and social upheaval, Jake’s perspective offers a deeply moving exploration of the intersecting forces that shape communities.

Rode Faith’s 36th birthday is approaching, and she’s about to discover a shocking truth that will turn her world upside down. She’s not just a Brooklyn healer; she’s a world-bending witch with the power to break her family’s century-long curse. But breaking the curse won’t be easy. The stakes are high, and the twist is more dramatic than Faith ever imagined.

Offering is an experimental short film that delves into the intersection of magick and climate justice, with a particular focus on water. The film explores the idea of harnessing mystical forces to bring about positive change in the world and questions the purpose of magick if it fails to impact the pressing issues of our time. The film questions if mystical practices are merely a form of escapism, or do they have the potential to impact the real world.

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