Soul Requirements 3-month Coaching Package!

Are you seeking a transformative path towards more peace, joy, and divine rebellion? Look no further! Soul Requirements is here to support you on your quest for self-discovery and spiritual exploration. Whether you are a Social Change Advocate, Organization, First Responder, or Healing and Wellness Practitioner, our offerings are tailored to meet your unique needs.

  •  Kickstart your journey with (1) 60-minute Introductory Session
  • Stay connected and inspired with (3) monthly 60-minute Spiritual Check-in Calls.
  • Immerse yourself in (6) bi-monthly 90-minute sessions exploring Spiritual Modalities.
  • Receive recorded (6) bi-monthly Tarot Readings delivered straight to your phone.
  • Experience the power of (2) Healing Sessions, each lasting 50 minutes.
  • Engage in our bi-weekly Satsang, a sacred gathering space for spiritual exploration.

Services Breakdown

Introductory Session:

Begin your Soul Requirements journey with a comprehensive introduction to our transformative curriculum.

Spiritual Check-in Calls:

 Maintain focus and motivation on your path with regular Spiritual Check-in Calls.

Tarot Readings:

  • Dive into the energetic tapestry of your life with personalized Tarot Readings.
  • Gain valuable insights into your relationships, money, career, and receive guidance from your ancestors.

*Each reading is recorded for your convenience, allowing you to revisit the wisdom shared.*

Spiritual Modalities & Practice Sessions:

Embark on a deep dive into spiritual practices such as working with candles, spiritual baths, and harnessing the power of the moon.
*Choose between in-person sessions or join us virtually via Zoom.*

Healing Sessions:

  • Experience the transformative power of Energy Healing Sessions.
  • Clear mental, emotional, and spiritual clutter with the support of our experienced practitioners.

*Sessions are available both in-person and through Zoom.

Mid-Week Satsang:

 Join our inclusive gathering space to explore spirituality, tarot, and other insightful topics with like-spirited individuals. The goal is to expand your understanding of the spiritual realm.

*Package includes a 4-week Spiritual Planner and recordings of all sessions for your convenience.*

To dive deeper into personal growth, creativity, and inner wisdom, don’t miss out on exploring the transformative possibilities of the Soul Requirements Coaching Program. 

 We look forward to welcoming you!

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