Zoë Flowers is a versatile artist, advocate, and healing practitioner with a body of work that encompasses various mediums with a diverse body of work featured in numerous anthologies, journals, and interviews. In 2004, she embarked on a transformative journey, interviewing survivors of domestic and sexual violence, which led to the publication of her book, “From Ashes to Angel’s Dust: A Journey Through Womanhood.”

In 2012, Zoë founded Soul Requirements, Inc., a visionary healing-centered consulting company that combines her artistic pursuits, two decades of expertise in domestic and sexual violence, and holistic healing practices. As a seasoned researcher, she has conducted impactful listening sessions with diverse communities, including survivors of violence across Florida, Tribal Elders in Canada addressing Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, and Black students at prestigious universities during the COVID-19 crisis. She’s conducted research with community members, advocates, and executives in the US, London, and Canada, shedding light on critical issues surrounding sexual assault and racial inequity in the gender-based violence movement.

Zoë is a sought-after speaker, lending her powerful voice to platforms such as National Public Radio, WGBH Boston, and various articles and online publications. With over 300 conference appearances, she captivates audiences with her expertise on racial equity, reaching underserved communities, art as a healing methodology, gender-based violence, and a range of other vital topics.

As a skilled healer, Zoë facilitates transformative individual and group sessions, retreats, and workshops in locations spanning from New York to Ecuador. Her unique approach integrates holistic practices that foster deep healing and personal growth.

Zoë’s artistic talents extend to the realms of film, theatrical productions, and books, inviting audiences to explore social issues, healing, and spirituality. Her compelling work has been showcased at renowned events and institutions, including The Black Women’s Arts Festival, Alternate ROOTS, The White House’s United State of Women Summit, prestigious universities like Yale and Brown, and community-based organizations across the United States.

With a rich tapestry of experiences and an unwavering commitment to social change and healing, Zoë Flowers continues to inspire and uplift individuals and communities on their path to empowerment and transformation.


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